DeepOcean has been raising awareness about the global plastic pollution crisis affecting our oceans and recently ran the ‘ACT 4 the Ocean Campaign’ to stimulate change in DeepOcean and the communities we work with.

The Act 4 the Ocean Campaign was developed to encourage the DeepOcean team to share initiatives and learning across the organization. The key message being all change should be shared both big and small.

Embracing the challenge the DeepOcean team began sharing recommendations and best practice such as re-usable cups and bottles or picking up litter and plastic in their spare time.

The campaign ran for four weeks, after which DeepOcean’s Senior Management Team identified the three biggest contributors and awarded them 5,000 USD to donate to an Environmental Charity of their choice. The top contributions during the challenge were:

  • Plastic Punch – One of our colleagues based in Ghana engaged with a local organisation that fights against plastic pollution by raising local awareness, organising beach cleaning initiatives and other projects that support their mission.
  • Eco Bricks – One of our colleagues based in the UK, along with his family, made a conscious decision to reduce their plastic waste by taking part in the Eco Bricks Project. Eco Bricks pack single use or non-recyclable plastic into plastic bottles and send them around the world to be used as construction material.
  • Simple but efficient – One of our colleagues based in Norway had collected all the disposable cups he had used in the last 1½ years. Even though he had been conscious of keeping number of daily cups to a minimum it resulted in 646 cups in total. He has now received a re-usable coffee cup as part of the ACT 4 the Ocean Campaign and has retired his cup collection.

Donations were made to Nelplast Eco Ghana Ltd and Plastic Punch. Plastic Punch is a local organization that works to change the mind-set of kids, showing them what the plastic is doing to their community and engaging them through beach clean-ups with environmental education sessions, as well as drama productions. Nelplast Ghana Ltd is a company making pavement bricks out of recycled plastic and cooperates with Plastic Punch. The plastic collected on a Plastic Punch beach clean-up is brought to Nelplast to be reused and made into pavement bricks.

As a Company DeepOcean always has high standards of environmental responsibility including protection of the environment, pollution protection, sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation. DeepOcean is confident that the efforts made throughout the last months are not short term changes, but that they are investments made for long term improvement