7000te Carousel

27.4m Outer Diameter Range of inner core sizes to suit product handling 5m MBR through the system 7000te capacity in single basket mode Dual 3,500te carousels in dual basket mode    

Normand Jarstein

Vessel spread specifications: Built: 2014 Design: MT6022L OSCV Class: LOA: 117,35m LPP: 100,45m Breadth: 22,00m Draught: 11,80m Accommodation: 110 persons 1230 M2 Work deck 250 TE AHC SUBSEA CRANE WITH 3000m WIRE 2 X INSTALLER WORK CLASS ROV 95KW/125HP IN HANGAR Integrated Lars Handling System with AHC winches for work ROV in enclosed hangars Weather […]

Polar Onyx

Vessel spread specifications: Build: 2014 Design: Ulstein SX 121 Class: DNV, SF, E0, DYNPOS-AUTRO, CLEAN, DESIGN, NAUT-OSV(A), COMF-V, (3), DK(+), HELIDK-SH, CRANE, SPS, VIBR, BIS LOA: 130m LPP: 122m Breadth: 25m Max draft: 7,6m Accommodation: 130 persons (48 single cabins and 41 double cabins) Offshore crane: 250T AHC NOV Crane VLS: 275T Huisman Deck area: […]

Dina Star

Vessel spread specifications: Build: 2013 Design: MT 6015 Class: DNV, +1AI, Offshore Service Vessel, +Supply, EO, SF, Dynpos AUTR, Clean Design, Comf-V(2)C(3), DK+, HL(2.5), Naut OSV(A), ICE B, LFL*, OILREC, SPS, DE-ICE LOA:93,80m Breadth: 20,00 Draught:10,85m Accomodation: 72 persons Deck Area: 66,8×15,85m (1060M2) Crane: 150 TE AHC Offshore crane with 3000m wire Mezzanine deck for 2 […]