Normand Jarstein

Vessel spread specifications: Built: 2014 Design: MT6022L OSCV Class: LOA: 117,35m LPP: 100,45m Breadth: 22,00m Draught: 11,80m Accommodation: 110 persons 1230 M2 Work deck 250 TE AHC SUBSEA CRANE WITH 3000m WIRE 2 X INSTALLER WORK CLASS ROV 95KW/125HP IN HANGAR Integrated Lars Handling System with AHC winches for work ROV in enclosed hangars Weather […]

Polar Onyx

Vessel spread specifications: Build: 2014 Design: Ulstein SX 121 Class: DNV, SF, E0, DYNPOS-AUTRO, CLEAN, DESIGN, NAUT-OSV(A), COMF-V, (3), DK(+), HELIDK-SH, CRANE, SPS, VIBR, BIS LOA: 130m LPP: 122m Breadth: 25m Max draft: 7,6m Accommodation: 130 persons (48 single cabins and 41 double cabins) Offshore crane: 250T AHC NOV Crane VLS: 275T Huisman Deck area: […]

Dina Star

Vessel spread specifications: Build: 2013 Design: MT 6015 Class: DNV, +1AI, Offshore Service Vessel, +Supply, EO, SF, Dynpos AUTR, Clean Design, Comf-V(2)C(3), DK+, HL(2.5), Naut OSV(A), ICE B, LFL*, OILREC, SPS, DE-ICE LOA:93,80m Breadth: 20,00 Draught:10,85m Accomodation: 72 persons Deck Area: 66,8×15,85m (1060M2) Crane: 150 TE AHC Offshore crane with 3000m wire Mezzanine deck for 2 […]