Maersk Recorder

The Recorder is a dynamically positioned, multi-role subsea construction, installation and trenching vessel with an economical fuel footprint. She has an extensive global track record for completing projects ranging from the burial of and/or simultaneous installation of flexible products and submarine cables to DSV construction support on a highly productive basis. The vessel can provide installation of cables to full ocean depth, including simultaneous burial up to 3m, utilizing any of DeepOcean’s fleet of jetting ROV’s, Cable Ploughs and Mechanical Trenchers.

  • Build: Converted for Power Cable Lay-2008
  • Design: Volkswer
  • Class: Loyds’s Register of Shipping +100A1, Cable Laying Ship+LMC, UMS, NAVI, DP (AA), SCM
  • LOA: 105,80M
  • LPP:
  • Draught: 9,10M
  • Accommodation: 68 persons
  • Offshore Crane: 30Te Active heave compensated crane for subsea lifts

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Spec sheet:maersk-recorder_190916