Normand Ocean

Normand Ocean is an MT6022 multipurpose construction vessel built and joined DeepOcean’s fleet in 2014.

The MT6022 design provides excellent stability and station keeping.

The selection and design of spread, equipment and workspaces, are all based on the objective to perform safe and efficient subsea operations.

Normand Ocean’s large deck, combined with high weather limitations on MHS and ROV’s together with the 150 Te offshore crane and De-ice class, results in a vessel that is flexible and fit for offshore operations in harsh environments.

Vessel spread specifications:

  • 1020 M2 Work deck
  • 150 T AHC Subsea Crane
  • 40 T Module handling system with flush skidding system
  • 2 x Kystdesign MK2 Work ROVs in hangar
  • 1 x Sea Owl XTI observation  ROV in hangar
  • Accommodation for 90 persons
  • General weather limitation for spread = 5,0 m HS
  • Weather limitation for operation of WROV = 5,5 m HS
Spec sheet:Vessel Specification Sheet, Normand Ocean 2021