Seaeye Leopard

The Seaeye Leopard is designed to offer operators an exceptionally powerful electric work class ROV in a compact chassis. Developed from the highly successful Panther XT-Plus, the Seaeye Leopard produces an impressive half tonne of forward thrust, with fifty percent more payload, three times the tooling power and double the depth rating, whilst maintaining the same deck footprint.

Equipped with Seaeye’s iCON intelligent control system, this 3000m work ROV benefits from an enhanced user interface, simple network architecture,exceptional handling and power with advanced autopilots including pitch and roll stabilisation, built in diagnostics, redundancy and remote internet access for upgrades and technical support.Installed with Schilling Orion heavy duty manipulators, as well as a wide range of survey sensors and interchangeable tooling equipment, the Seaeye Leopard is ideally suited to work tasks including drill support, pipeline survey, exploration, salvage, cleaning and deep water IRM.


Spec sheet:DeepOcean_SeaEye Leopard_2016