Norway Trainee ROV Pilot Programme

Our successful ROV Pilot programme has been running for over 10 years providing a platform for growth and development.

We are looking for candidates who have relevent expereince in mechanics, automation, hydraulics or electronics, along with an associated certificate of apprenticeship to join our experienced teams. We are looking for individuals who are proactive, flexibale, reliable with excellent teamworking and problem solving skills.

Working as a Trainee ROV Pilot for DeepOcean means that you will be assigned offshore to one of our vessels on a regular rotation working on one of our many global projects.

The trainee programme is two years in duration, and you during this time you will learn the essentials both in studying manuals and also by the hands on work offshore.

After working alongside the established team as a supernumery for a number of months, most trainees have enough experience and enough hours flying the ROV to be a part of the crew.

The programme will be prodominately devlived in our Offshore Base in Haugesund, devlived by both internal and external industry experts.

We have no vacancies available at the moment.