UK Junior Equipment Technician Programme

The Company has operated a highly successful Junior Equipment Technician Programme (JETS) for over 7 years. The aim of the programme is to employ highly skilled Technicians (with relevent HNC/ HND/ City and Guild qualifications) from other industries (such as armed forces and manufacturing) and provide them with the relevant training and skills required to operate, maintain and repair subsea assets offshore.

The programme includes a significant period of training and development activities in an electrical, mechanical and hydraulic environment as well as all the relevant health and safety training required in order to undertake our work scopes in a safe manner. We also offer practical training which gives individuals the opportunity to get hands on experience of flying a ROV before mobilising to a vessel or equipment offshore.

Following our defined competency programme our JETs can build successful careers with DeepOcean, working through their competencies to become technical leads such as Equipment Supervisors, Equipment Superintendents and Offshore Equipment Managers.