How does Webcruiter Work?

WebCruiter is an online job vacancy database which allows you to register your details in a safe, efficient manner without the need for time-consuming CV’s and emails.

It allows DeepOcean to update you within 2 weeks as to whether your application has been successful or unsuccessful. It also allows you to review what job applications have been made.

Your details can be reviewed and updated as many times as required and enables you to apply for a suitable position with one click, once your details have been registered. Below is a quick guide on how to register your details with WebCruiter, however a user guide is available in PDF format here.

To register your details, please navigate to the “Career Opportunities” tab on the left hand side of the page and click on the “WebCruiter” link. If this doesn’t work, please use the link below;

Click the ‘register new’ button. This will ask you to input your email address and create a new account. Once you have input your email address, WebCruiter will send you an email with a link. Please open the email and click on this link. This will take you to a page that asks you to update your WebCruiter password.

Once you have updated your WebCruiter password you will need to update your CV details.

Please click on the ‘Register CV’ button and read the associated information. If you are in acceptance, please click the ‘I understand the above text and accept it’ box and then click on ‘Start CV registration’

The page will then navigate to the ‘Personal details’ section which will need to be completed with as much information as possible. Please save all of the information and work your way through all available tabs (Education, Positions, projects, Courses, Certificates etc). You can view you information in CV format at any point.

Once you have completed your CV, please click on the ‘vacancies’ section at the top of the page and choose which position you would like to apply for.

To review which applications you have made please click on the ‘my applications’ section at the top.