The DeepOcean Subsea Cables Project procurement team has its headquarters in Darlington, U.K. The team manages the acquisition of all external goods, services and engineering equipment with the purpose of delivering the best value for the company and its clients. The diverse nature of the company’s requirements means that we have in-depth purchasing experience and knowledge across the full range of supply categories including subsea equipment and services, engineering equipment and plant, engineering services, engineering consumables, transport and logistics, consultancy, IT and Telecoms, media and marketing as well as office services and supplies.

DeepOcean Subsea Cables is able to provide efficient delivery of all aspects of the procurement process to its clients’ projects by working through well established, proven systems and procedures appropriately developed to suit particular project needs.


Terms and Conditions – DeepOcean Subsea Cables

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DOSCPSC01 – Purchase of Goods

DOSCPSC02 – Purchasing Standard Conditions of Hire

DOSCPSC03 – Purchase of Engineering Equip & Plant inc Installation

DOSCPSC04 – Purchase of Consultancy Services

DOSCPSC05 – Purchase of Minor Works on Site

DOSCPSC06 – Purchase of General Services

DOSCPSC07 – Purchase Order Standard Conditions

DOSCPSC08 – Purchase of Freight Forwarding Services

DOSCPSC09 – Purchase of Port Agency Services

DOSCPSC10 – Purchase of Storage Services

DOSCPSC11- Purchase of Resources

DOSCPSC012 – Site Rules

DeepOcean Supplier Declaration