DeepOcean provide both fully managed EPIC contract installation project services, as well as take on a sub-contractor responsibility for individual work packages on major installation projects.

Our experienced project teams provide fully managed ,safe, and efficient services for installation of subsea modular structures, umbilicals, risers, flexibles, HVAC and HVDC cables and fiberoptic cables.

We provide innovative engineering solutions and turnkey project management for complex offshore subsea operations. DeepOcean’s competitive strength lies in our ability to provide the best combination of personnel, experience, and suitable assets to offer as a solution to Our Client’s subsea challenges.

DeepOcean’s project teams combine multiple skills including design, project engineering, geotechnical engineering, project management and offshore operations experience.

As an integrated provider of safe, high quality, innovative services and technologies for the subsea industry, DeepOcean offers a range of subsea services including Survey and Seabed-mapping, Subsea Installation, Seabed Intervention, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), and Decommissioning.

This strong portfolio of services, coupled with specialised equipment, enables DeepOcean to bundle its subsea services to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions to meet individual client needs.

Engineering & Project Management

The DeepOcean team is experienced in the delivery of innovative engineering solutions and project management for simple and complex offshore operations.


DeepOcean engineering team provides extensive in-house engineering, design and planning services for the execution of offshore and subsea projects, including;

  • Feasibility and FEED
  • Route designs and optimisation
  • Installation analysis and calculations
  • Visualisation of offshore operations, 3D modelling and films
  • Vessel and equipment layout planning
  • Vessel structural analysis
  • Fabrication design and manufacturing support for general deck & subsea equipment
  • Design modifications and conversions for existing installation equipment and subsea equipment.

Project Management

DeepOcean is experienced in managing and executing multi-million-pound contracts for clients in the global offshore markets. We are experienced in large offshore contracts/subcontracts and fulfilling safe and timely completion. We have developed project management procedures which ensure a standard approach while dealing with the client, subcontractors or internal support departments. DeepOcean manages projects as an integrated package, benefiting from continuity and seamless integration of associated parties. We proactively work with the client and other contractors on the project to ensure logical requirements and interfaces are clear to all parties – this reduces the potential for conflicts and project delays.


Established as an Inspection and Survey company DeepOcean has extensive knowledge and offers experienced staff, specialised tools and data processing suites for provision of superior inspection and survey services.

Over the years DeepOcean has inspected well over 100 000 km of subsea pipelines and hundreds of subsea structures in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, West Coast Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Brasil and many more.

At DeepOcean, we have are innovative and forward-looking.  We have brought many new developments to the market, including the high-speed Superior survey ROV, new inspection and visualisation techniques and continuous improvement of our vehicles. We will continue to do so with advances in remote ROV operation form our central control centre in Haugesund and many more besides.

Survey and inspection services provided:

  • Seabed Mapping – Vessel Based and ROV Based
  • Pipeline, Umbilical and Cable Inspection Surveys
  • Structural Inspection
  • ROV Based and Vessel Based Pre-Lay/ Post-lay  Survey
  • Construction Support
  • Trenching Support
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Support
  • High-quality 3D imaging of subsea structures

Experience, Technology, Quality, and Customer focus characterizes our superior provision of Inspection and Survey services.


DeepOcean provides both fully managed installation project services, as well as sub-contractor responsibility for individual work packages on major installation projects. Our experienced project teams provide fully managed, safe, reliable, and efficient services for installation of subsea structures, flexible products, risers, tie-ins, HVAC and HVDC cables and fibreoptics.

With an extensive pool of special tooling and equipment, we offer solutions from shallow water beach landings to the deepest offshore sites with our advanced installation and construction vessels.

Reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions to facilitate the installation of flexible products and light construction projects globally.


IMR is about promoting sustained asset performance during the life of field. 

At DeepOcean, we hold a leading position in remote IMR services, facilitating everything from identification to engineering design and repair of your subsea asset.

DeepOcean has a pool of state-of-the-art subsea service vessels, ROVs and deep water Module Handling Systems specially set up to perform IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair) work. The vessels carry experienced offshore crew familiar with IMR operations.

A dedicated project team of skilled engineers are continuously working with operational planning and engineering of IMR operations. DeepOcean has more than 6 000 vessel days of IMR operations, and the organisation is rigged for handling several hundred call-offs per year under long term contracts with oil&gas majors in North Sea, US and Gulf of Mexico, and Africa.

DeepOcean has made substantial investments in tailor-made equipment and developed a skilled engineering and design workforce to serve the growing subsea IMR market. DeepOcean is committed to developing technical solutions that are innovative, safe and efficient.

Vessels are designed to ensure better comfort for personnel and deliver improved crane capacities to ensure safe operations in rough weather.


  • Structural Inspections
  • ROT (Remotely Operated Tool) operation
  • WROV Interventions
  • Module Handling operations
  • Scale Squeeze Operations
  • Maintenance of Subsea Systems
  • Repair of Subsea Systems
  • Pipeline and Cable Repair
  • Wind Turbine Scour rectification
  • Commissioning Operation
  • Construction Operations
  • Structural remediation
  • DeepOcean RECONNECT – Power Cable IMR service

Managing, planning, engineering, and executing more than four thousand remote IMR scopes in both Oil&Gas and Renewables sector confirms operators trust in our services. This is the goal of DeepOcean’s complete range of IMR services, achieved through engineering and applying the most effective solution to the ever-present need with our customer’s assets.


DeepOcean has established as a key EPRD Contractor in the offshore field late-life and decommissioning market.

Our track record includes removal of external steel on GBS structures, offshore loading buoys, mid-water arches, flowlines, risers, subsea templates, drill cut relocations, subsea cutting, lifting, and preparatory subsea operations.

DeepOcean takes on the role of both main contractors and sub-contractor on ERPD contracts as required.DeepOcean provides project management, operational planning, engineering, mobilization/demobilization, ROV vessel, offshore crew and have the overall responsibility of the EPRD operations. Our Project teams focus on providing new technologies and smart solutions to the decommissioning market, appreciating that decommissioning projects mainly are concession requirements and thus costs without any potential revenue to our Customers. As oil and gas fields deplete or Wind farms close down, structural decommissioning becomes a reality, and DeepOcean is leading the way forward in the development of safe, effective and diverless means to dismantle offshore structures.We develop new techniques to drive improvements in safety, productivity and with a focus on reducing costs, including;

  • Site 3D modelling and planning
  • Development of new ROV tooling
  • Wellhead removal
  • Decommissioning by burial. Pipelines and other products
  • Improved subsea cutting tools


DeepOcean is committed to the offshore renewable energy sector and has developed a reputation in the industry for delivering innovative subsea projects from concept to completion and beyond.

DeepOcean is distinguished by its bringing together of an experienced team of subsea professionals, a proven multi-role vessel fleet and the most comprehensive selection of subsea ROVs and auxiliary equipment, to deliver a submarine cable offering to offshore renewable and power transmission clients.

  • Geotechnical Specialists, Front End Engineering and Feasibility
  • Route Survey and Seabed Mapping
  • Power Cable Installation
  • Power Cable Protection
  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair