DeepOcean has established as a key EPRD Contractor in the offshore field late-life  and decommissioning market.

Our track record include removal of external steel on GBS structures, offshore loading buoys, mid-water Arches, flowlines, risers,  subsea templates, drill-cut relocations including Subsea cutting, lifting, and preparatory subsea operations DeepOcean take on the role both as main Contractor and sub-contractor on EPRD contracts as required.

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DeepOcean provide project management, operational planning, engineering, mobilization/demobilization, ROV vessel, offshore crew and have the overall responsibility of the EPRD operations.

Our Project teams focus on providing new technologies and smart solutions to the decommissioning market, appreciating that decommissioning projects mainly are concession requirements and thus costs without any potential revenue to our Customers.

As oil and gas fields depletes or  Wind farms close down, structural decommissioning becomes a reality, and DeepOcean is leading the way forward in the development of safe, effective and diverless means to dismantle offshore structures.