Engineering & Project Management

DeepOcean’s most powerful asset is people.

The DeepOcean team is experienced in the delivery of innovative engineering solutions and project management for simple and complex offshore operations.


Early engagement within the design phase of the project can reduce cost and risk by ensuring simple design considerations, which will pay dividends during the construction phase of the project. DeepOcean has considerable expertise in feasibility and front end engineering studies and when combined with our many years of actual offshore experience, makes DeepOcean’s in-house expertise ideally placed to assist with project development.

DeepOcean engineering team also provides extensive in-house engineering, design and planning services for the execution of offshore and subsea projects, including;

  • Feasibility and FEED
  • Route designs and optimisation
  • Installation analysis and calculations
  • Visualisation of offshore operations, 3D modelling and films
  • Vessel and equipment layout planning
  • Vessel structural analysis
  • Fabrication design and manufacturing support for general deck & subsea equipment
  • Design modifications and conversions for existing installation equipment and subsea equipment.

In the delivery of the above services, DeepOcean uses a wealth of advanced software in-house including Finite Element Analysis, DNV Nauticus 3D Beam, SAGE Profile, Orcaflex, ANSYS, STAAF-PRO, MatLab, Inventor, Autodesk Maya and Adobe packages.

Project Management

DeepOcean is experienced in managing and executing multi-million-pound contracts for clients in offshore renewables, oil and gas, power and telecommunication industries. We are experienced in large offshore contracts/subcontracts and fulfilling safe and timely completion. We have developed project management procedures which ensure a standard approach while dealing with the client, subcontractors or internal support departments. DeepOcean manages projects as an integrated package, benefiting from continuity and seamless integration of associated parties. We proactively work with the client and other contractors on the project to ensure logical requirements and interfaces are clear to all parties – this reduces the potential for conflicts and project delays.


DeepOcean has a unique in-house Geotechnical team, led by a PhD Qualified Geotechnical Engineer.  The Geotechnical team maintains an extensive operational database, which combined with the use of predictive models where applicable, ensures selection of the correct asset and that realistic performance estimates are made to ensure compliance with client burial goals, and ultimately project success.

The Geotechnical team provides a full range of geoscience-related support, focused on geotechnical and trenching engineering, but also including metocean advice and risk analysis. This department plays an important role in identifying needs and commissioning R&D initiatives to support DeepOcean’s activities and ensure we retain our competitive edge.