Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair

IMR is about promoting sustained asset performance during the life of field. 



At DeepOcean, we hold a leading position in remote IMR services, facilitating everything from identification to engineering design and repair of your subsea asset.

DeepOcean has a pool of state-of-the-art subsea service vessels, ROVs and deep water Module Handling Systems specially set up to perform IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair) work. The vessels carry experienced offshore crew familiar with IMR operations.

A dedicated project team of skilled engineers are continuously working with operational planning and engineering of IMR operations. DeepOcean has more than 6 000 vessel days of IMR operations, and the organisation is rigged for handling several hundred call-offs per year under long term contracts with oil&gas majors in North Sea, US and Gulf of Mexico, and Africa.

DeepOcean has made substantial investments in tailor-made equipment and developed a skilled engineering and design workforce to serve the growing subsea IMR market. DeepOcean is committed to developing technical solutions that are innovative, safe and efficient.

Vessels are designed to ensure better comfort for personnel and deliver improved crane capacities to ensure safe operations in rough weather.


  • Structural Inspections
  • ROT (Remotely Operated Tool) operation
  • WROV Interventions
  • Module Handling operations
  • Scale Squeeze Operations
  • Maintenance of Subsea Systems
  • Repair of Subsea Systems
  • Pipeline and Cable Repair
  • Wind Turbine Scour rectification
  • Commissioning Operation
  • Construction Operations
  • Structural remediation
  • DeepOcean RECONNECT – Power Cable IMR service

Managing, planning, engineering, and executing more than four thousand remote IMR scopes in both Oil&Gas and Renewables sector confirms operators trust in our services. This is the goal of DeepOcean’s complete range of IMR services, achieved through engineering and applying the most effective solution to the ever-present need with our customer’s assets.