Cable Inspection

It is imperative to the long-term asset management strategy for a power system to ensure that the condition of cables and their surroundings in known. Cable inspection requires that the cable burial depth is monitored over time and this is tracked alongside the cable electrical testing properties and general site seabed movement monitoring.

DeepOcean provides this surveying service including cable ends as they enter the j-tube or foundations. DeepOcean will also inspect seals subsea as this is an area of recent innovation where periodic checks are required to verify the systems as performing as intended.

With the knowledge DeepOcean has as a specialist cable trenching provider, remedial burial and alternative protection options can be put forward as potential maintenance solutions where cables are no longer within the site specifications.

DeepOcean owns its fleet of survey ROVs and utilises the latest survey technology as well as developing new techniques. An area of development includes robust detection of live cables buried below 1.5 metres.


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