These operations are typically required prior to start-up/shutdown of a subsea production system. This is especially relevant in regard to pipeline cleaning, pipeline pigging or preparation for pipeline repair operations. The purpose of these operations are normally to ensure that a specific fluid (e.g. MEG, nitrogen, fresh water, sea water, gel) is present in the areas of the production system where the repair work shall be executed. Depending on the specific work location, fluids can be pumped either from the platform FPSO or from a pumping-spread onboard the vessel.

The work site needs to be prepared, e.g. by means of rock dump removal, protection cover removal, recovery of objects from the subsea production systems or valve operations. The main operation involves pumping of fluids into the pipeline or subsea system through an injection hose established in a flexible configuration. Two work class ROVs are typically required for the offshore work for hose handling, dredging, valve operations, Remotely Operated Tool Operations, pig tracking / tracing and inspection.

DeepOcean provides project management, operational planning, engineering, mobilisation / demobilisation, ROV vessel, offshore crew and have the overall responsibility of the operation.

Commissioning using an onboard vessel pumping spead.

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