Construction Operation

DeepOcean perform a range of construction related work in addition to typical IMR tasks. This is achieved by flexible designed DP vessels with
typical more than 100 Te Active Heave Compensated crane, 2 or 3 ROVs,
and large deck space suitable for mobilising the required equipment and
products for the job.

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Services include;


  • Replacement and installation of small diameter umbilical / cables
  • Installation and retrieval of pig launchers / retrievers
  • Tie-in (disconnection, pull-in, connection) using ROV and/or ROT based tie-in systems for pipelines, service lines, risers and umbilical’s
  • Dredging and de-burial using ROV based and/or stand-alone dredgers / excavators
  • Underwater cutting and recovery of cut objects to surface
  • Subsea repositioning, lifting and handling of objects
  • Protection cover installation and removal
  • Hatch repair operations
  • Replacement of FPSO thrusters
  • Replacement of subsea processing equipment
  • Installation / removal of concrete matresses
  • Lifting and installation activities using crane and/or winch

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