Remotely Operated Tool Operations

The purpose of ROT (Remotely Operated Tool) operations are to replace changeable modules on a subsea well or structure. A defect module leads to production shut-down of the well, hence it is highly important for the customer to get the module replaced quickly to minimize the production loss.

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The majority of the modules are changed by use of an MHS (Module Handling System) with guide wires. The MHS ensures that all the phases of the operation can be performed safely and controlled without pendular lifts. The modules are sea fastened to a pallet on the skidding system, lifted in the MHS tower through moonpool and guided to the subsea structure on guide wires. The use of an MHS system increases the operational weather criteria significantly and leads to a highly safe and cost-efficient operation. Typical modules are subsea control modules, choke bridges, flow control modules, choke modules, subsea pumps, pull-in and tie-in tools etc.

DeepOcean provides project management, operational planning, engineering, mobilization/demobilization, ROV vessels, offshore crew and have the overall responsibility of the operation.

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