Scale Squeeze Operations

The purpose of a scale squeeze operation is to dissolve and remove unwanted scale build-up inside the production tubing in a subsea well to increase the oil recovery rate. This is performed by injecting chemicals into the well from a pumping spread onboard the vessel.

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The injection point includes a check valve, which ensures that hydrocarbons cannot flow back onto the vessel should the pumps fail. The chemical injection hose is established in a balanced flexible configuration to minimize impact from the vessel movement onto the subsea connection point. The flexible configuration is thoroughly calculated prior to this operation. The deck crew attaches buoyancy elements on predefined positions on the hose during launch. Work ROVs are typically required for the offshore work for hose handling, valve operations and inspection. Normally the pumping phase lasts from 12 to 24 hours.

The client typically provides well simulation analyses and a chemical injection sequence list.

DeepOcean provides project management, operational planning, engineering, mobilisation / demobilisation, ROV vessels, offshore crew and have the overall responsibility of the operation.

Scale Squeeze operation, performed by MPSV ‘Edda Fauna’.

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