Offshore Renewables & Power Transmission

DeepOcean is committed to the offshore renewable energy sector and has developed a reputation in the industry for delivering innovative subsea projects from concept to completion and beyond.

DeepOcean is distinguished by its bringing together of an experienced team of subsea professionals, a proven multi-role vessel fleet and the most comprehensive selection of subsea ROVs, trenchers and auxiliary equipment, to deliver a complete submarine cable offering to offshore renewable and power transmission clients. 

Geotechnical Specialists, Front End Engineering and Feasibility 

With many years experience of introducing innovative installation tools and techniques to the subsea industry, DeepOcean’s in-house expertise, including a unique team of geotechnical specialists, is ideally placed to perform installation feasibility studies as well as a host of other engineering, geotechnical and project management disciplines. Click here for more.

Route Survey and Seabed Mapping

It is imperative for effective project planning and for the long-term asset management of subsea power systems to ensure that the conditions of submarine cables and their surrounding areas are known and understood. To this end DeepOcean provides detailed seabed and cable route mapping services.  Click here for more

Power Cable Installation

DeepOcean has installed an impressive 7,000km of submarine power cable to date. The company specialises in the design, route planning, installation, trenching, and termination of inter-array cables, export & interlink cables and HVAC & HVDC interconnector cables.  DeepOcean operates a flexible fleet of installation spreads with up to 7,000-tonne cable carrying capacity for shallow, nearshore and offshore installation.  Click here for more

Power Cable Protection

DeepOcean, through its specialist division, Enshore Subsea owns and operates the world’s largest fleet of specialised marine trenching vehicles and is unique in its ability to offer a full range of protection solutions, including; boulder removal, pre-cut trenching, post-lay trenching and simultaneous lay and burial. DeepOcean can achieve trench depths to 3.5m and offers a number a wide selection of burial tools to meet with every subsea trenching requirement. This includes the worlds most powerful and capable mechanical trenchers, cable ploughs and jet trenching ROVs, which are supported by a fleet of in-house support vessels. Click here for more

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

DeepOcean is a leading provider of subsea inspection, maintenance and repair services offering a pool of cost-effective and multi-functional inspection vessels and ROVs. DeepOcean can provide both annual and multi-year agreements for all subsea infrastructure, including; substations, structures, turbine foundations and cables. Click here for more.

DeepOcean invites you to read on and learn more, or to Connect directly to discuss how DeepOcean can support your offshore project.

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