Track Record

DeepOcean has seen, done and learnt a lot during it’s 23 years in the offshore business. DeepOcean has probably greater experience than any other in the industry and brings a wealth of engineering and offshore operational know-how to it’s projects.

  • 1000km of power cable installed
  • 15000km of power umbilical, fiber optic and seismic cable installed
  • 3 metre trench depths achieved
  • 50000km of subsea pipeline and power cable surveyed
  • 12000 vessel days and 700 vessel call-offs per year under IMR agreements.
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DeepOcean has built a successful and growing track record in the offshore Renewable and Transmission sector, including: (click for case studies)

Project Year Scope     Survey     Install     Trench     Repair / Other
NEMO ongoing 270km HVDC bundled interconnect         x         x          x
Walney Extension ongoing 170km HVAC export cable         x         x          x
Race Bank ongoing 99 x 33kV array cables         x         x          x
Bligh Bank ongoing 55 x 33kV array cables         x         x          x
Gemini 2016 accommodation and walk-to-work                x
Gode Wind 2015 vessel charter for array installation         x
Western Link 2015-16 660km HVDC cable (ploughing)          x
Dan Tysk 2015 UXO investigation and clearance         x                x
Butendiek 2015 vessel charter                x
DolWin Alpha 2015 HVAC interlink cable repair         x                x
DolWin Beta 2015 accommodation and walk-to-work                x
Gode Wind 2015 accommodation and walk-to-work                x
Sheringham Shoal 2014/15 mattress installation                x
Global Tech 1 2014 51 x 33kV array cables         x                x
Egmond Aan Zee 2014 HVAC export cable repair         x                x
Alpha Ventus 2013 1 x 33kV array cable replacement         x         x          x                x
DolWin 1 2013 70km HVDC interlink cable (jetting)          x
Greater Gabbard 2012 44km HVAC export cable          x         x          x
Skagerrak 4 2012 22km pre-cut trenching          x
Bard Offshore 1 2012 88 x 33kV array cables          x         x          x
Jeju 2012 177km HVDC bundled interconnect         x         x          x
Walney Ormonde 2010 10km HVAC export cable         x          x
Wave Hub 2010 WaveHub system installation         x         x          x
Robin Rigg 2009 18 x 33kV array cables         x         x          x
Alpha Ventus 2008 1.6km export cable         x          x