Seabed Intervention

DeepOcean has the world’s largest portfolio of specialised trenching equipment for burial of pipelines, flowlines, power cables, fibre optic telecom cables  and umbilicals.

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DeepOcean is unique in its ability to provide the full range of  trenching solutions which include mechanical trenching systems,  pipeline  and  cable ploughs and high specification jet trenching systems. Some of these systems are fully integrated to company  operated vessels. DeepOcean can  provide burial solutions to meet the most challenging  subsea trenching requirements for any products in any water depth and most seabed conditions.

Additionally, we can  provide the complete engineered solution for  subsea projects utilising dedicated in-house engineering teams focused on providing engineering and design support for the planning and execution of a wide spectrum of projects, we can provide complete stabilisation solutions  through  a range of seabed conditions and water depths. Utilising our assets we have the ability to provide burial protection  from beach to full field water depth.



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