DeepOcean owns and operates a range of subsea ploughs suitable for the burial of  pipeline’s, power cable’s, umbilical’s, & fibre optic cables. Subsea ploughing is very often the most cost efficient & safest  solution for product burial in a wide range of seabed conditions and water depths.

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Simultaneous installation and burial of flexible products is very common using

Deepocean’s AMP 500  pipeline plough has an extensive track record for the post-lay burial of large diameter pipelines and flowlines to specification in multiple soils using multi-pass ploughing capability . It can also complete extensive pre-cut burial work scopes in addition to the lowering of decommissioned surface laid pipelines. The AMP500 is complimented by the Back Fill plough which is used for repositioning excavated soil over the lowered pipeline or product and offering  additional mechanical protection, resistance to upheaval buckling and thermal insulation.

Deepocean is also a leader in the burial of power cables in the Offshore Marine Renewable & Transmission sectors. Deepocean’s new Advanced Cable Plough ACP2  is the first plough in the offshore industry fully designed for optimum performance in all areas, but specifically for the safe handling of large diameter power cables. Incorporating an aggressive share design with multiple forecutters, the ACP2 is unique in its ability to accommodate up to 300mm diameter product with a 5m minimum bend radius and offer both on deck and seabed cable loading / unloading capability.


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