Pre-Cut Trenching

DeepOcean is the market leader in the use of pre-cut trenching solutions. It has been performing trenching and pre-cut trenching in the oil and gas sector for many years, and has developed high-tech solutions that are now being used in the power cable sector.



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Launched from a vessel with high bollard pull, DeepOcean’s specialist ploughs offer a high level of control and precision, capable of navigating along pre-determined cable routes and transitioning in and out of the seabed as required. DeepOcean can also offer pre-cut solutions using mechanical cutting vehicles  utilising  T3200

The pre – cutting of the trench can be undertaken many months “in some instances”  ahead of the arrival of the lay vessel and the product can then be immediately protected and stabilised on the seabed floor. This solution eliminates any risk of cable damage from trenching and allows flexibility between the trenching vessel and the lay vessel schedules.

This is the ideal solution for the low risk protection of HVDC bundles and larger HVAC cables in hard soils.

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