Life Of Field Seismic Systems

Years of experience and knowledge from oil and gas and submarine cable installations has allowed DeepOcean to become a leader in the installation maintenance of seismic array cables. This includes Life of Field Seismic (LoFS) and Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) systems.

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DeepOcean’s skilled engineering teams have the capability to provide engineered solutions, detailed methodology and bespoke equipment to facilitate the successful installation of seismic array cables. Once installed, these cables are able to extend the life of a field by monitoring, in real-time, the long-term performance and development of subsea producing reservoirs.

DeepOcean has played a pioneering role in the installation of subsea permanent seismic monitoring systems and has successfully been involved in every North Sea LoFS project, including the largest in the world. Projects include BP Clair, BP Valhall, ConocoPhillips Ekofisk and Statoil Snorre.

DeepOcean successfully completed the installation of the Ekofisk Life of Field Seismic (LoFS) array for ConocoPhillips in the North Sea. The system is the first of its kind and the largest LoFS field installed to date.

DeepOcean’s scope of work included all pre-lay visual survey, installation of ‘riser cable’, subsea splitter and backbone cables, simultaneous lay and burial of fibre optic seismic array cables, post burial of backbone cables and all as-trenched survey.