Export and Interlink Cables

DeepOcean delivers safe and operationally fluid export and interlink cable projects, to ensure the timely and cost effective delivery of offshore power to shore. The company provides unrivaled installation and protection capability for HVAC and HVDC subsea cables, with access to a flexible offshore and shallow water vessel fleet.  Uniquely, as the only independent contractor with heavy plough capability, DeepOcean also leads the market in the use of pre-cut trenching solutions, as well as simultaneous and post-lay cable burial in all seabed conditions.

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DeepOcean’s committed team of engineering and operational professionals manage the, design, engineering and delivery of export and interlink cable projects. DeepOcean’s primary export cable the Maersk Connector is equipped with a 7,000 tonne split capacity basket carousel. The vessel delivers the capabilities of a DP2 installation vessel, but is also equipped with a 7 point mooring system allowing close approach for shore end installation. The vessel can ground out fully loaded for beach operations and enables DeepOcean to lay export cables in a single section from beach to platform.

In addition, DeepOcean operates a number of vessels suitable for interlink cables, including; the Havila Phoenix, Volantis, and Rem Forza that accommodate a 2,000 tonne capacity carousel, as well as the Edda Freya with a 3000 tonne below deck carousel and the Maersk Recorder with 7000 tonne cable tanks.

DeepOcean offers a number of heavy ploughs and has a proven track record in the successful execution of pre-cut trenching projects. The ploughs provide a high level of control and precision and are capable of being steered and transitioning in and out of the seabed as required. These solutions eliminate any risk of product damage and provide a high quality trench for the protection of subsea cables.

Having developed a strong track record in the export and interlink cable market, on projects; including, Greater Gabbard, Alpha Ventus, DolWin 1, Dolwin Alpha and Wave Hub, DeepOcean is now preparing for the installation of interlink cable on Bligh Bank offshore wind farm and  180km of export and interlink cable on Walney Extension offshore wind farm. Refer to DeepOcean’s track record for further detail.

DeepOcean delivers export and interlink power cable projects from concept to completion, including:

  • Installation feasibility study
  • Pre engineering cable route survey
  • Route design / optimisation
  • Project management, installation analysis and engineering
  • Geotechnical route assessment, risk analysis and burial tool selection
  • Establishment of beach landing site / HDD
  • PLGR and route clearance
  • Cable load-out, storage and transportation
  • Shallow water approaches, beach pull-in and termination
  • Near shore and offshore cable lay (bundled and un-bundled)
  • Platform set up and cable pull into offshore structure
  • Pre-cut trenching
  • Simultaniouse lay and burial with cable plough
  • Post lay shallow water, near shore and offshore cable trenching
  • Termination and testing
  • Remedial protection works
  • Maintenance and cable repair services


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