DeepOcean is the partner of choice for challenging subsea cable projects having installed 1 000 km of power cable to date. The company plays a key enabling role in the development and installation of HVDC subsea transmission networks and has invested in the worlds most advanced cable lay vessel and cable burial equipment to ensure maximum system reliability is maintained, whilst reducing installation cost to the system operator. DeepOcean is committed to securing tomorrows energy needs and is ready to Connect.

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DeepOcean has installed 1 000 km of subsea power cable to date of which 500 km is HVDC power cable. The company was recently selected to install the 270 km NEMO Link Interconnect between Belgium and UK, demonstrating the industry’s confidence in DeepOcean’s ability to deliver.

DeepOcean’s experienced project teams manage, design, engineer and deliver HVDC cable projects, whilst utilizing the company’s primary cable lay vessel, the Maersk Connector, which was designed and delivered by DeepOcean with interconnector’s in mind. The vessel is unique in its ability to install both bundled and unbundled HVDC systems via its innovative, 7,000 tonne split capacity carousel. The vessel can deliver all of the capabilities of a DP2 installation vessel without sacrificing shallow water workability. Equipped with a 7 point mooring system, the vessel can manoeuvre on a comprehensive anchor spread, allowing close approach for shore end installation. The vessel is certified to ground out fully loaded for beach operations which enables DeepOcean to lay power cable in a single section from beach to beach, which will maximize system reliability and reduce installation cost. In addition, the vessel can be mobilised with DeepOcean’s new build  ACP2 cable plough, the first in the offshore industry fully designed for optimum performance in all areas, but specifically for the safe handling and burial of large diameter power cables to 3.3m.

DeepOcean delivers complex HVDC power cable projects from concept to completion, including:

  • Installation feasibility study
  • Pre engineering cable route survey
  • Route design / optimisation
  • Project management, installation analysis and engineering
  • Geotechnical route assessment, risk analysis and burial tool selection
  • Establishment of beach landing site / HDD
  • PLGR and route clearance
  • Cable load-out, storage and transportation
  • Shallow water approaches, beach pull-in and termination
  • Near shore and offshore cable lay (bundled and un-bundled)
  • Simultaneous lay and burial with cable plough
  • Post lay shallow water, near shore and offshore cable trenching
  • Termination and testing
  • Remedial protection works
  • Maintenance and cable repair services

See DeepOcean’s Track Record for further details.

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