Survey & Inspection

Experience, Technology, Quality, and Customer focus characterizes our superior provision of Inspection and Survey services.

Established as an Inspection and Survey company DeepOcean has extensive knowledge and offers experienced staff, specialised tools and data processing suites for provision of superior inspection and survey services.

Over the years DeepOcean has inspected well over 100 000 km of subsea pipelines and hundreds of subsea structures in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, West Coast Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Brasil and many more.

At DeepOcean, we have are innovative and forward-looking.  We have brought many new developments to the market, including the high-speed Superior survey ROV, new inspection and visualisation techniques and continuous improvement of our vehicles. We will continue to do so with advances in remote ROV operation form our central control centre in Haugesund and many more besides.

Survey and inspection services provided:

  • Seabed Mapping – Vessel Based and ROV Based
  • Pipeline, Umbilical and Cable Inspection Surveys
  • Structural Inspection
  • ROV Based and Vessel Based Pre-Lay/ Post-lay  Survey
  • Construction Support
  • Trenching Support
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Support
  • High-quality 3D imaging of subsea structures


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