DeepOcean’s competitive strength lies in its ability to provide a suitable spread for solving its Client’s subsea challenges.  DeepOcean has access to both owned and chartered DPII class vessels as platforms for mobilising suitable equipment fit for each workscope.

DeepOcean’s owned equipment ranges from work class and observation class ROVs, module handling systems, carousel systems, subsea ploughs, jet trenching ROVs and mechanical trenchers, as well as a substantial pool of other tools.

To support its operations, DeepOcean has its own marine base facilities in the UK, Norway and The Netherlands, as well as mobilisation capacities in Mexico, Ghana and Dubai.

DeepOcean’s personnel and experience, combined with a suitable vessel spread, forms the unique service package that it offers.



Trenchers & Ploughs

Module handling systems

Supporting equipment

Marine bases

Geotechnical drilling rig